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804 905 8408

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday    9 am - 4:30 pm EST

Friday    9 am -1 pm EST

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • My coaching hours are

    • Monday 10 am -12:00m EST and 6 pm to 10 pm EST

    • Wednesday 6–10 pm EST

    • Thursday 4-10 pm EST

    • Friday 12-4 pm EST

  • I need to ensure that I'm the right coach for you, so I require clients to book a discovery call before working with me. 

  • As your coach, I am someone who can provide you with guidance, motivation, and support as you work towards your goals. I am dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and achieve the success you desire. Together, we can create a plan and strategy to help you overcome obstacles and reach new heights. I am committed to being your ally and helping you navigate the path to success.


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  • The cost for a 3-month Career and Executive Coaching is $619 per month. It includes two 50-minute sessions per month. Ask about our payment plans.

  • We offer a 20% discount. Payment plan options are not eligible for a discount.

  • No problem; we offer online or phone sessions.

  • Unfortunately, we only take payments online.

  • Great questions! Coaching focuses on where you are presently and where you are headed, with the goal of helping you gain clarity about your vision, eliminate obstacles to your success, accelerate personal growth, and achieve results that empower you to live your best life – professionally and personally. If your past is an issue, counseling is your best option. If your past is simply a fact, coaching may be the right choice.

  • Yes, I do. Complete our contact form above to inquire about speaking fees.

  • Here's the list of topics I can cover: navigating complex environments, managing stress, communication skills, work-life balance, self-confidence, Leadership Agility, psychological Safety x high-performing teams, leading your team through change, implementing change management strategy (communication, resistance, leadership), positive thinking, goal setting, career readiness, and development.

    I don't see what you were looking for; please complete the contact form above so we can chat.

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